"Our believe i s that a healthy nutrition combine with a personalized care makes the difference and contributes to healthier, happier and brighter kids".
That is way we offer:
  • Healthy and organic menu options
  • Bilingual education.
  • Daily inside and outside fun activities, projects to teach them both languages, manners, values,  letters, numbers, signs and much more...

We have a designated area for indoor activities and a wonderful playground for outdoors activities.
Your children are so precious and they deserve the best care, and the best option is  a nanny located right next door to you.
Serving Lake Nona,  Vista Lakes, East Orlando, Conway and surrounding areas for more than 3years!
Fees are based on age and hours of care needed
Make an appointment to visit
The Nanny's Home daycare & get 
plus $20 off your first week
full-time enrollment
(for new members only)
PH (407) 376-1550
We look foward to talk to you about your little Bundles of Joy
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